Welcome to DollRush.com - A social platform for DollLovers. Here you can find all dolls from the biggest doll brands, see manufacturer profiles, as well as resellers profiles, contact information, read, and write reviews, posts, and much more.

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Our mission is to create a modern space for people who love and use sex dolls, or sex robots.


As dolls get more and more popular around the world we believe that the world need a new and better platform to share experience, knowledge, and love across the borders.


You are now able to find people that share your interest for dolls in a private space, but you are also able to find the dolls you like, and check prices from certain resellers at the same page, so you not longer need to click through Google's endless search results. Find resellers you didn't knew exist, and feel safe when you purchase a doll from our 'approved resellers', which provide you a safety guarantee for up to 2500 usd


At the same time, we are trying to help users to avoid webshops that sell fake sex dolls that are potentially toxic to the human body by listing them on our site under the fan 'approved resellers'. From here you can see which resellers are approved by the manufacturers or market as fake. 

Resellers that are approved by the manufacturers can receive a batch from DollRush.com that indicates that the reseller is an approved reseller, and does not sell fake sex dolls. If you don't know what a fake sex doll is, then click here.


DollRush.com does not approve the resellers without the manufacturers accepting. 




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