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Zelex Doll is a star standard factory enterprise brand. The factory was established in 2013, and the process experience is rich to ensure the dolls is perfect in workmanship, and with a big focus on the smallest details, which are well made.  The whole process starts with a real person which ensures all details are 100% realistic and give the dolls a hot figure. In a process of high-level wax, craftsmen give the dolls a real-life look of a real angel soul.

With the perfect combination of traditional sculpture, and 3d digital modeling, from clay sculpture to the finished product color, we pay big attention to any details, and we do also accept private customized services.

Zelez Silicone Dolls have a unique life-like appearance, and the carving gave the doll a body with a hot look and an angelic face.

In order to open up your sexual stimulation, Zelex realistic super sex dolls will let you explore a whole new universe of angels, will let you understand the beauty of sex in-depth, and will touch your emotions, feel the loves of angels, and feel the joyful journey from your heart. 

Zelex quality is among the highest on market, made of odorless platinum silicone material.


It's completely non-toxic for humans, absolutely safe, and feel at ease!

Ready To Ship - 3 - 5 days Delivery - Free Shipping

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