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Aj Doll is a pretty unknown brand to many, and they don't seem to have any official website, but they do have a shop going on AliExpress. The comments aren't promising, and we have tried to reach out to this manufacturer, but the company is quiet. Some buyers call the company swindlers, and fraudulent, but there are also users that rate the company's products with a 5-star rating. is careful about taking a conclusion, but we wonder why AJ Doll list pictures of other brands' model, such as WM Doll. Also, the price settings of AJ Doll seem to be too good to be true.

WM Doll confirmed on 31/10-2022 that AJ Doll makes copies of WM Doll's products.


We classify this manufacturer as unsafe, and we do not recommend our visitors buy from this company.

Info: Fake sex dolls, also called Copies, may contain toxic material and can be harmful to human health. 

Have you bought a sex doll from AJ Doll before?

If yes, please share your experience with us.

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