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Fire Doll


FIRE DOLL is a young, innovative, and modern company that aims to bring your fantasies into reality. The manufacturers' line of high-quality sex dolls is designed to provide you with your dream experience.

The Team behind Fire Doll is earlier employees at Jin San WM Doll, but have now started their own production of high-quality TPE sex dolls.

So If you are looking for price-friendly, but realistic, high-quality sex dolls from a company with many years of experience, then Fire Doll is the right choice for you.


Fire Doll have a good reputation, great testimonials, and many positive customer reviews.


You can find this brand all around the internet, as most sex doll resellers sell their model. 

Overall, Fire Doll is a good choice for you that won't compromise on the sex doll's quality but looking to save a good amount of money on your next purchase. 

We has chosen the best-looking sex dolls from Fire Doll

Have you bought a sex doll from Fire Doll before?

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