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Gyniod Doll


The manufacturer behind the famous, and hyper realistic sex doll brand: Gynoid is a high-tech company focusing on the R&D of super-simulation beauty art collectibles, high-end mannequins, super realistic solid silicone dolls, and artificially intelligent robot girlfriends.

It is a perfect combination of the top domestic artists in the field of digital and human body sculpting, a good integration of the traditional art of sculpting and 3D digital modeling, that start from the prototyping to hand painting, taking care of each and every detail of each of the company's products.


The products adopt food-grade platinum silicone, alloy plus engineering plastic bones (keeping the ergonomics design in mind, we achieved the full-body joints mobility to its extreme ranges, including the articulation of finger joints). top-level styling, real-value experience...we can do more beyond your imagination.

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