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IL Doll


The company behind IL Doll was established in 2018 and is a manufacturer of silicone, TPE and PVC bionic supplies for agents in Europe, America, and Asia. IL Doll is among the best premium brands, and produce sex dolls with the finest details, and some of the most affordable price. 


IL Doll is made to be as lifelike as possible by upgrading the premium silicone materials, hyper real painting technique, and 3D modeling. 

Sex dolls from their collection of silicone lines are crafted with high-quality food-grade platinum silicone, which has a very long lifespan, no odor or smell, and a low risk of tearing., while the TPE line dolls have Phthalates Free and Eco-Friendly TPE skin, with a high range of flexibility and the sense of softness, bouncy and human like feeling. 


All IL Doll featured an in-built fully articulated durable stainless steel skeleton, which provides a wide range of motion similar to a real woman. 


All of our dolls are sculpted and applied makeup by hand in our studio by a talented team that includes artists who have been working in wax figure museums for more than 20 years.

We have chosen the best-looking sex dolls from IL Doll

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