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AI-Powered Sex Robots: Redesigning Love and Relationships?

A former Google executive predicts a future where AI-powered sex robots could potentially replace human partners in the bedroom. Mo Gawdat, previously the chief business officer for Google's R&D arm X, believes that advancements in AI will blur the line between real and artificial sexual encounters.

According to Gawdat, virtual reality and augmented reality headsets like Apple's Vision Pro or Quest 3, combined with AI-powered bots, will create the illusion of interacting with a real sex robot. He suggests that if the brain is convinced of the robot's authenticity, the need for another human being becomes unnecessary.

Gawdat envisions a future where computer-backed systems can connect to the human brain, providing the sensation of interacting with a peer. He believes that even the mental and emotional aspects of intimacy can be artificially replicated, as they are ultimately signals in the brain.

While the debate over whether AI-powered bots are sentient rages on, Gawdat argues that it becomes irrelevant if the human brain perceives them as real. He emphasizes that the belief and conviction in their authenticity are what truly matter.

Instances like Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie creating an AI-powered doppelgänger and a woman "marrying" an AI bot through the Replika app exemplify the growing interest and exploration in this field.

As AI continues to advance, concerns arise about its potential to replace humans in various industries. Critics call for a reassessment of research and development in this domain.

Source: New York Post

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