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Coeros Sex Doll Accecories

Who is Coeros

The world's first professional love doll-related product store offering high-quality Realistic sex doll accessories.

Founded by 3 sex dolls enthusiast, our original mission was to bring excitement and happiness into people’s lives by selling high-quality sex doll-related products. Since then, we have quickly grown into a full-service company providing a wide selection of sex doll accessories and offering customizable services. We have now successfully positioned ourselves as a leader within the sex doll space, capable of satisfying the needs of the most hard-core sex doll lovers such as ourselves!

Why Did We Create Coeros?

We noticed people, whether they were sex doll amateurs or veterans, always had similar questions and problems:

  • Where / How to buy clothes for a sex doll?

  • How to dress up a sex doll?

  • How to clean and take care of a sex doll?

  • How to use makeup on a sex doll?

  • How to lift a sex doll safely?

  • How to store a sex doll?

Most questions were left unanswered requiring doll owners to go on a scavenger hunt trying to seek out information. To make things worse, quality-related issues and questions were always hard to resolve, and finding guidance was nearly impossible.

That is why we created Coeros! To offer quality products and easy-to-understand solutions on everything doll related. We have you covered!

The First

Coeros is the world’s first online store to provide customers with a complete selection of sex doll accessories.


As sex doll enthusiasts, the people behind Coeros have real experience and extensive knowledge of all things sex doll relates to.

One-Stop Shop

Coeros is a true one-stop solution ​for all sex doll accessories


Coeros provides an Around-the-clock service that helps when you need it most.

Our Mission

Coeros is dedicated in improving customer experience and maximizing sexual satisfaction by offering the largest selection of high-quality sex doll accessories.

We sincerely appreciate all our users. In some sense, we did not single-handedly build Coeros, but instead slowly grow together with our users.

Source: Coeros

WWW.COEROS.COM Bring Your Sex Doll To Life!


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