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ESDoll: Are Sex Dolls Perfect Partners To Open The Door To Lonely Desires?

Marlon works as a waitress at a small restaurant and lives in a shabby apartment with his only partner being “Jasmine”, a sex doll with the same name as his ex-girlfriend. During the day, he worked in the restaurant, and Jasmine was lying in bed waiting for him; at night, he and Jasmine bathed together, took a walk, and lay down to watch the stars.

She opened her eyes, put on a black and white maid outfit, and walked into the outside world. When she came back, she found that Marlon had a new partner – still a love doll called “Jasmine”.

Jasmine was puzzled and angry, she asked Marlon: “Tell me, what do you like about me?” Marlon was speechless.

Jasmine asked again: “Why me? It doesn’t have to be me, right?”

Marlon said, “Listen, can you do me a favor? Go back to being a life-like sex doll. It’s too much trouble for me when you become a real human, you’re a life-like sex doll, that’s why I chose you.”

This is a clip from the movie “Air Doll”. Many men feel the same troublesome relationship as Marlon but can’t stand loneliness. At this time, sex dolls become the choice, obedient and not willful.

The birth of sex dolls began, but to liberate people’s nature and want to love

In the 1970s, Japan produced commercial sex dolls on a large scale. It looks like a humanoid inflatable sex doll, rough and ugly. Later, it gradually began to be made of silicone or TPE, with a delicate texture and realistic shape. The doll is also endowed with more and more “humanity”, and relies on the set identity and name.

A love doll is like a perfect lover, and it’s so hard to find a girl who likes and fits. Too beautiful is not easy to pursue, too gentle is uninteresting, too assertive for women to handle, too impersonal and unattractive, finally find someone who is interested, and worry about fading of passion.

When you are in love, your mind is easy to sensitive, and men will feel insecure. The appearance of sex dolls just accommodates all the demands and unease of men.

In Detroit, the United States, David Carter often blogs about his love life with three sex dolls; Japan’s 61-year-old uncle Nakajima Qianji often takes the dolls for walks; Guizhou’s uncle “Lichen” raises it alone after divorce The son and 7 silicone sex dolls, he usually dresses them up and basks in the sun, and the coming-of-age gift he gives his son is also a sex doll…

For them, dolls are family members, more reliable than real people. They don’t have all kinds of shortcomings like people. They lie, cheat, quarrel, and can enjoy a lot of good times.

In the United States, there are many people who choose sex dolls as companions. According to statistics, the registered members of the sex doll forum have exceeded 220,000, and more than 70% are male.

Perhaps, some people are just like the admonition of the male best friend to the female protagonist in the “Tokyo Women’s Guide”: men will like, most of them are women with nothing, without their own ideals, just innocent and supportive of their dreams.

But it’s not that life is not art. Ordinary people’s extraordinary ability to fantasize about love and sex often comes from lack. Because of lack, their desire is heavier, and because of lack, their obsession is deeper.

The company loves girl groups: Chet, the otaku of TWICE, is a bit dark and fat, wears myopia glasses, and always sits alone in the corner of the office to chase girl groups TWICE during lunch breaks. He said that the smiles that the girls in the girl group showed at him through the screen were the light that filled his heart.

Or, as reported in the news a few years ago, Ono living with a sex doll. Ono is a 3D game artist. His parents divorced in childhood and the lack of love made him fear marriage and family until he was 29 years old. Compared with reality, he prefers the virtual world in online games and the love dolls that are both family members and partners, which can make him feel needed and cared for.

Life is lonely. In a long life, there is often cowardice and fear of losing. And sex dolls are faithful and never give up.

Therefore, when the realistic life size sex doll opens the door to the mysterious country, no one can help being attracted, going deep, harvesting love and affirmation from it, and achieving self-satisfaction.

I just don’t know, will I want more after being satisfied? For example, twists and turns are bitter and full of unexpected true feelings…

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