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So do you wonder why you should choose to buy your next, or first sex doll from Madam Dolly?

Madam Dolly is Canadian-owned but located in the sex doll capital of the world Guangdong, China.

It's not a Chinese inspection agency, but Joel Stuart and Paul Stone (The owners) are on the ground in the sex doll factory, personally inspecting each and every doll that is produced.

Joel Stuart and Paul Stone say:

''When it comes to service we believe that the only way to receive the kind of service we expect ourselves is to deliver it ourselves. All of our customer correspondence is done personally through Joel or Paul. We like questions, so ask away!

Our dolls are comprised of medical-grade stainless steel which makes up the doll’s skeleton while our state-of-the-art TPE Ultra 3.0 makes up the doll’s flesh and body. The doll’s joints are easy enough to move into an array of sex positions while stiff enough to hold those positions.

Our TPE Ultra 3.0 gives our dolls the most realistic feeling of flesh and body on the market today – smooth and firm with just the right amount of ‘jiggle’. And with proper care, Madam Dolly dolls will last six years or more''

Now you may think that the prices would be on the high side. But in fact, because of the company's strategic location, they are not only able to deliver high-quality dolls but also able to deliver those dolls at incredibly low prices – as much as 40% lower!

Buying a sex doll is a bit of an investment ( But cheaper than a girlfriend though!) and there are so many companies and dolls to choose from – some good, some bad, and some ugly.

Joel or Paul is ready to answer your message with any questions or concerns you might have! Click here to see the amazing website:

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I have a great experience with Madam Dolly. Purchased sex dolls twice, and it went smoothly and professionally. They were accommodating and quickly responded to all my questions

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