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Review of Irontech doll new silicone factory and deep insights of their business value

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Irontechdoll, founded in 2016, devoted to create realistic soulful love dolls that will touch customers. During the start-up phase, Irontechdoll has been fulfilling the development gaps in the industry, such as improper body proportion, inaccurate LHP, unrealistic details, bad touch feeling, non-flexible skeleton etc. To meet the diversified needs of doll lovers, we always work and invest on product development. Our product line covers starter series, standard TPE sex doll and super realistic silicone series. To satisfy high-end needs better, we set up another manufacturing base only for silicone sex doll, ie super realistic series.

Silicone Doll Factory Introduction

Irontechdoll manufacturing base for silicone sex doll covering an area of up to 1,800 square meters, divided into R&D, sculpture, injection department, makeup painting department, QC, Marketing department and shipping team. All departments are organized according to their function, closely cooperating and strictly monitoring each other. We have top level R&D team, focusing on the original design, dedicate ourselves into creating soulful love dolls. Imported platinum silicone material enjoys non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly performance and guarantees comfortable and worriless use for each customer. Exquisite craftsmanship and a strict quality control system make our silicone sex doll more realistic, high-end and artistic looking. Therefore great recognition are received from customers worldwide. Irontechdoll will inject continuous efforts to provide better and service to our dropshipping, bulk ordering and OEM/ODM partner. We warmly welcome clients to visit us for further communication.

Design&Sculpture Team

Our designers and sculptures were all graduated from top-level Arts Institute and are capable with riched experience and futuristic views. With wax sculpture exquisite craftsmanship, the artist team build the doll in life-size ratio and perfect details.

Doll Skeleton Department

Our doll skeletons are made of stainless steel and accurate durable accessories. All the skeletons are fully customized by our factory based on the customers’ feedbacks and requests. Each skeleton has the human like ration and joints. And we customize the tightness of each joints based on customers interaction with dolls. All our work on this will enable customers to use the dolls smoothly and durably.


With wax painting craftsmanship, the artists paint realistic vein and skin pores and textures on silicone doll, which offers amazing touch and visual pleasure.

Make up

The doll face makeup is designed by professional makeup artists. All the makeup are forever lasting and 100% same as commercial photos. This tallies with our company’s business value as well.

The eyebrow and eyelashes are all done by skillful manual implanting.

The lips are with realistic sexy structure. Supreme painting skills recreates the real skin color and body details. Both feet&hands and other important areas like, knees, areola, vagina, anus, elbows, navels, etc enjoy great details, making the doll as realistic and soulful as possible.


A professional photography studio support high quality photos and videos, we are always interacting with consumers to create more fancy shooting. We promise all our dolls pictures are not a Photoshop artifact, but what the doll actually looks like. This also tallies with our business value, being honest and passionate.

QC&Shipping Department

After production, we take photos and video for the customer to double check and ship after confirmation. To ensure worldwide safe delivery, we use high-quality cartons with seven layers of board paper. Inside packing we use sleeping bag, EPE foam and bubble bag to fix and protect doll.


Our silicone sex doll can be customized with gel breasts and butts, which is more realistic touch feeling.

Heating and smart voicing can meet diversified clients’meet. Removable eyes, body weight-reduction is the default option for silicone dolls. Other more functions will be developed as well. Please contact for more information.


Silicone sex doll are all with high-end accessories, high-end wig. Implanted hair is with high fedelity human-like hair. Upgraded gift kits include comb, heating rod, drying rod, sexy lingerie, flusher.

We know that there will be no stop for pursuing customers satisfaction. Irontechdoll will keep go foward with passion and hard work all the time. It is the business value that keep supporting us. Here below are the details.

Mission: Specializes in Love doll industry, and keep inject full passion and continuous endeavor into creating soulful love dolls with high cost performance.Vision: Being customer-oriented, Irontechdoll to be the top-level samples in the industry!

Vision: Being customer-oriented, Irontechdoll endeavors to be the top-level samples in the industry!

Our value: Honesty, Innovation, Passion, Open

Honesty: Be honest to customers, business partners and team members all the time! Pursuit sustainable and mutual development.

Innovation: Be innovative towards products, design, service! Try to move forward day by day!

Passion: Indulge ourselves into customers’ request. Endeavor to create soulful love dolls that will touch customers!

Open: Respect, absorb and change!

We hope we can work together, grow together and serve all the customers better and better together with all our partners. Welcome to join us!

Marketing Team in Guangzhou Expo

Source: Irontech Doll


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