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TDF Doll Forum

What is TDF Doll Forum?

TDF Doll Forum is a doll forum for doll lovers, manufacturers, and doll vendors, but is an outdated version, as we are soon hitting 2023, and it's time to renew the way we look at the dolls, and the community - Both for Doll users, Manufactures, but also Doll Vendors! was born of that reason TDF Doll Forum try to make an unfair for new manufacturers, and upcoming Doll Vendors and WE DON'T like the way they try to control the market! and so their registered manufacturers and doll vendors agree! We don't like to speak badly, but we have the responsibility to our visitors, to tell the truth, and there is not much good to tell about TDF Doll Forum, and here is why!

It's impossible to go trough all the negative things about TDF Doll Forum, so it's up to you to decide, but we will share a little bit of our research with you, as you probably would like to know why many is so unhappy with the TDF Doll Forum works.

Here is a comment from a vendor ''FineLoveDolls''

Beware of "TDF DOLL FORUM"

Beware of "DOLL FORUM", known as 'TDF". This forum actually belongs to a doll reseller network, who grants themselves the right to "Approve" competitors as "Authorized Resellers" instead of and without notifying the factory itself. This forum might have interesting tips & advice about dolls care & maintenance, but is a reselling network and cannot, therefore, be objective.

Whenever a "TDF STAFF" tells you who to buy from, understand that you simply buy from who they consider to be "Authorized resellers" meaning them.

This forum has strictly no authority to label their competitors as authorized or not, moreover without notifying doll manufacturers who have the sole right to choose who to work with.

For an objective forum with objective tips & advice, this forum, Our Doll Community, does not have a conflict of interest.

Why is "DOLL FORUM" not objective? Because we contacted them and have asked to be listed on their forums, we were even willing to pay for it. Instead, they stated already have "too many TPE stores" and promoting only their own stores and affiliates. They have also blocked us from posting on it right after

Beware of this distribution network, they build numerous artificial websites to justify their high prices, they also register dolls brands' domain names to better pretend to be the manufacturers which is a misleading and illegal practice. They will scare you off with the risk of scam, but really all they do is play pyromaniacs and firemenâ

The truth is that they are simply agents and our competitors and that ordering from them means that there are sometimes up to 3 distribution layers between the store and the manufacturers

But a gur from Doll Studio write a comment to this critic of TDF: " Hi finelovedolls,

TDF has a "banned sites list". As far as I can tell, your site is not banned on TDF.

I agree that TDF faces a lot of challenges, especially since TPE dolls are flooding the market. But there is no other resource worldwide who managed to deal with the changes which were introduced by the mass-production of dolls yet. Everybody is struggling with the pace of these changes, with deceit and dishonesty, braggers, and blunt scam attempts. Manufacturers, vendors, customers. Everybody.

TDF is at least trying to establish a minimum of fair play. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they fail. But they are at least trying.

Having that said, it is total nonsense that "all these websites advertised on TDF belong to the same network". In fact, there is a lot of competition; a few vendors talk to each other, but most are just hostile and consider every competitor an arch enemy. Sure, there are some alliances from time to time, but actually, I consider the *lack* of networking across all players one of the biggest weaknesses of TDF. Imho, the doll industry has reached a point where it would require something like lobbying or interest groups, allowing it to communicate with one voice. E.g. if dolls get randomly seized (as recently happened in the UK), or if politicians talk rubbish about dolls.

The fact that the WM Dolls brand is not the same as the WM Doll brand, and the fact that 'agents' represent or claim to represent factories like Jinshan are well known, even on TDF. As it seems, JY has a similar issue with rogue agents. And other factories are unknown because they do not have agents who promote them internationally; an example would be Happy Doll, a factory that is just inaccessible to non-Chinese businesses. So I am very thankful that I have a middleman in China with access to factories like this. If you are on location in China, it is your advantage to be able to scout new factories and help them to build an international brand.

Why TDF does not let new vendors in anymore is no secret - the boat is (more than) full with vendors, where everybody is selling exactly the same as everybody else. If you invent a unique service or offer something really relevant for TDF's primary target group - customers from the U.S. - they probably will reconsider. Such unique services could be an independent quality check, like George from X/S invented it, or a network of showrooms across the U.S.

If you start some brainstorming, you might come up with some new ideas that could drive innovation.

Sandro " And Finally Fine Love Doll, that is a user on TDF, answered back on the question above: "Hi Sandro, thank you for taking the time to write this message, that still does not justify why other resellers after us were added...

I totally agree with this idea of lobbying and I also believe these practices are not good for customers or doll lovers.

Being we are not claiming to be a manufacturer and we work with JY Dolls just like others on TDF too. TDF, ODC, and Gibbmodoll look more part of a nebula with conflict of interest at least this is what it looks like. And there is clearly a double talk.

Yes the difference with ODC and TDF is the exact same you have between a democracy and a dictatorship, being: Freedom of speech. And this is what we are doing here: Talking freely.

1. We never scammed or advertised on TDF, stumbled upon their website, emailed them to learn more about advertising solutions, got coldly refused then IP blocked from using any features of the website.

2. Our Facebook and Youtube accounts have been reported and suspended right away as well as JY...funny coincidence

3. A few days ago, a member of TDF staff purposely categorized us within the "scam" category deliberately knowing the impact it will have SEO-wise. We are not even allowed to post any topic

TDF play it fair and cut a little on hypocrisy. Stop this double talk. You are pyromaniacs and firemen you scare off buyers just so they can buy from that nebula you created, you can't trick some people sometimes but you cannot trick all the people all the time, it does not take a genius to understand this business model of yours. You are not as innocent, objective, and arbitrary as you are pretending to be and you know it. And when you get caught red-handed and act as you do not know, we all know that you know very well, way too well.

The harsh truth is that we manage to propose better prices with more modest margins and the so called doll lobby hates that. And the agent behind this lobby hates that, because he does not work with us as a middleman and does not get his cut. We are through with these bully practices and we are denouncing them once and for all.

Remove us from this scam session of your website and stop these misleading and disloyal practices. We are working without bothering anybody and are getting tired of these sneaky attacks" According to what we just read above you must draw your decision, but a simple search of google will make you think one more time... Link to the full Post on TDF: CLICK HERE

Thanks for reading the post. We hope you got a bit more understanding of why TDF isn't what they say they are. Now it's your decision to avoid them, or not.


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