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Sex dolls are the most treasured possession of doll lovers. So, it makes sense that they would want to keep their dolls safe and hidden, especially from their suspecting wives. But how do you hide a human-sized doll from a person that lives with you? Okay, this might sound outrageous but what if we told you that there are some easy and, most importantly, effective ways to hide your doll from your wife? Yes, we have cooked up some creative ways that can help you conceal your beloved sex doll. So, you can start by -


Your garage can work as your personal doll storage ground if you utilize a bit of creativity. Now, we all know that sex dolls come in large packing boxes. Most of the time, people simply discard these boxes as they serve no useful purpose. But for you, they can come in real handy. All you need to do is to pack your repack your doll and store it in your garage. Better yet, you can buy some boxes that can accommodate your dolls. Then the next step is obvious, you bag your dolls and store them in your garage. For good measure, you can also stuff some other random items into your garage to provide cover for the “real stuff.” If your wife asks, you can make up any excuse that it’s just some of your old items.


Many doll lovers tend to hide their dolls beneath closets. You can also follow suit and employ this method of hiding your doll. The only thing is that your closet must have enough room to fully fit the sex doll. The plan here is pretty simple; you just have to put your doll at the very back of the closet and in the front, you put all your clothes. This will provide ample cover to the hidden doll as your wife is unlikely to completely ransack your closet. This method works wonders when you have doll torsos instead of full-size dolls as they are easier to adjust in the limited space of a closet. But this tactic is also viable for human-size dolls provided you can make sufficient space in your closet for them to hide properly.


Now, this one does not require much explanation. Here, all you need to do is buy a detachable doll and then hide its parts. Many doll owners tend to purchase a demountable sex doll and then conceal her parts in some old boxes or travel bags. As your personal travel bags are less likely to be “investigated” by your wife, they are safe to hide your doll. The only challenge here is that you need to ensure that bags or boxes containing the parts of your doll remain safe. There are a lot of other ways through which you can hide a detachable doll.


This method is when every other tactic of hiding your doll fails. So yes, this is more like a last-ditch effort to hide your sex doll from your wife. For this one, you need to rent a private locker and submit your treasure (sex doll) into it. Now, this method, is in a way, foolproof as there is no way your wife will magically find your private locker. But still, you should consider this method only when all other methods have failed. This is because renting a private locker can cost you some money. Also, it can be a tad bit inconvenient to take your doll out of the private locker and submit her back into it. Nevertheless, it is an effective way of keeping your adult love doll away from the suspecting eyes of your wife.

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