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Want to know how to have sex with sex dolls?

Okay, then continue reading!

This articel is written by the German Vendor

Sex with sex dolls is a skillful and technical learning process. If you a first-timer, you should learn from SexySexDoll – the Sex Doll Pros. Watch the selected sex doll videos below now, all these are the genuine sex doll porn!

Various Position: Doggie / Missionary / Girl on Top

Sex Doll Porn – Various Position: Doggie / Missionary / Girl on Top

One of the most popular questions doll players have is what positions can sex dolls handle. This is a broad and general question, so as the answers. In general, whatever poses a real girl can do, love dolls can do all. But try to do it on a bed and avoid having standing sex with them. That’s because their standing feet are not that stable. Letting them stand is great, but not moving them while standing. Therefore, sex with them on a bed, couch, sofa, desk are the best options.

This sex doll video below is a perfect example how to have memorable sex with sex dolls on a bed. The man tried 4 positions with his beloved sex doll

1. The Standing Dragon – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Serpe (One of the most popular sex positions for all, but if you do that, please make sure you do it on a bed, and have extra soft pillows under her elbow, knees to prevent cut on her skin when these parts of her body have to support her full weight)

2. The Bicycle – Stand and Deliver (This is easy to do. Let your sex doll lies on an edge of the bed, make her legs straight and open up, gently open up her legs, you will see her wet and sexy vagina is very inviting. Don’t be shy and push her to the max. This position is easy to do and offering the best experience for you.)

3. The Cowgirl (A perfect position, but make sure you are strong enough to pound her and let her jump off from your body then fully sit on you again. The feeling when you fully thrust into her is amazing!)

4. Spoon – The Sleeper Hold (A good position if your sex doll or you are heavy. You can thrust her anal canal instead of her typical vagina. It also offers a remarkable feeling. Try different angles from her back, it could be higher than her body, or you bend down your body to push her from the bottom of her body. Every little adjustment provides an entirely different feeling. Try to find one that fits you best. This position is also a good one for falling asleep right after. LOOOL Credit: Pornhub user – dolllove

Oral sex with sex dolls

Sex Doll Videos – Oral Sex with your beloved adult dolls

To all men, one of the most popular pose they have been admiring is sex doll oral sex. You must be wondering how tight and how deep their mouths are to handle your giant cock. We truly understand your doubt, and therefore, here we found some sex doll videos that show a strong man to perform his throat fucking with her beautiful sex doll. The penis size of this man is an average size for Caucasian men, his beautiful sex doll oral can easily handle without much of pain. However, you can see in the sex doll porn that not the whole dick can go into her mouth. Her mouth can only fit about three fourth of the whole cock. That’s still pretty impressive for a doll.

She is doing a really good job here serving her Master. The man is doing it hardcore but his lovely servant does not have any complaint but takes his full cock. She knows she has to serve her master better than ever. Only if her Master gets full satisfaction, then only she feels her value. How nice is she huh?

If this could be a concern for you, we suggest you go for a doll head, before purchasing a full-size doll. Then, you can have a good try with a low purchase cost. Their mouths are tight and full with a texture like a sleeve. Having oral sex with sex dolls could be even better than a real woman. Credit: Pornhub user – dolllove


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