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What you need to know about sex dolls with standing feet

The skin material on the feet of TPE and silicone models is soft, which damages the doll if, for example, it is erected directly on this material without the “Standing Feet”, which is a reinforced skeleton in the feet with stabilizers.

It will therefore damage the material if the model is not equipped with 'standing feet'.

You no longer have to decide whether standing feet are important to you or not.

Here you see the difference with and without reinforced skeleton in the feet

Standing feet are included as standard on all models ordered from

The normal price for 'Standing feet' is 60 USD, but at most variants have been made free, so 'standing feet' is now included in all orders by default.

Price at 0 USD! recommends

Wear socks and/or shoes on the feet while the model is standing upright, as this will keep the feet clean, and not least free from damage to the material, as well as various surfaces. Regardless of whether the model contains reinforced disgust, it is still possible that damage may occur as a result of the doll standing upright.

If you have any further questions before purchasing a doll from us do not hesitate to contact us.


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