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Why is Orc and Elf Sex Dolls so Attractive??

Sex Dolls have been around for decades. In the last 10 years, they have become an increasingly popular product that people use for pleasure, but this may sound shocking to many: there is an increasing number of people who find fantasy sex dolls quite attractive, whereas Orc sex dols, as well as Elf, and Vampire sex dolls exploding in popularity right now!

It makes sense as E-sport has grown incredibly fast over the last 10 years, and We believe that 2023 will be the year of actual fantasy sex dolls!

Either E-sport or Sex dolls are new for anyone, as one of the earliest recorded appearances of manufactured sex dolls dates to 1908, and the first E-sport competition took place in 1976, and already in the early 1980’s it became mainstream, this also why we from DollRush wonder why not more doll manufacturers look into this niche category of love dolls.

But just because the majority of doll manufacturers don't produce that type of doll, there is still a handful of doll manufacturers that got the Inspiration to create a sex doll from games like World of Warcraft, and League of Legends, but also movies like Shrek, or even Avatar, which is actually the most popular inspiration source for most of the sex dolls manufactures that actually produce Grumblings, Elf, Vampire, and Orc Sex Dolls.

With the many types of sex dolls that are available today, your imagination is the limit.

You can choose from male or female, different body types, and a wide range of colors. This is why many people are drawn to the new trend of sex dolls that are based on fantasy races.

The two most popular right now are the Orc and Elf sex dolls.

1. The popularity of Orc and Elf sex dolls

The popularity of Orc and Elf sex dolls is a result of a number of factors. For one, Esports is a growing community. Many gamers have a fantasy of meeting a mythical creature, and now this can be done with the affordable price level of today's sex dolls.

The other reason why the Orc and Elf sex dolls are so popular is the fact that they are fantasy objects.

A large number of ordinary people are also attracted to the idea of having sex with a character from Avatar, lord of The Ring, World of Warcraft, or Whatever, and Orc, Elf, Vampire, and grumblings sex dolls are so close in resemblance to their favorite characters?

2. Inspiration from games like World of Warcraft

The esports market is a big industry, and so is the sex doll market.

By Combining these 2 factors the idea of fantasy sex dolls was born.

The first fantasy sex dolls were made as anime, or manga sex dolls, as someone calls them, and have been on for many many years in Japan. Long time before anyone was thinking about sex dolls shaped like an orc from World of Warcraft.

However, the manufacturers got their inspiration from Japanese cartoons, began to look into the area of esports, and find that the market was growing, and been it for years.

So if you find a sex doll looking like an elven woman from World of Warcraft, it's likely that the manufacturers got the inspiration from there.

4. Conclusion.

While the popularity of these dolls may seem strange, the attraction of these dolls is rooted in the fantasy of sexual encounters with an individual’s ideal. The fantasy is similar to the desire to have a relationship with a celebrity or fictional character. The popularity of these dolls, they have opened the way for this fantasy to become a reality. The popularity of these dolls is also rooted in the desire to have an intimate relationship that is free of any real-life commitment. The cost of the dolls is also a significant factor in their popularity of these dolls.


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