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SM Doll


SM-Doll is a top manufacturer in the growing sex doll industry, adheres to quality and brand development.

The company does not compromise on the quality of its dolls to reach lower prices. The company believes in quality, not quantity. The main focus is appropriate, reliable, and environmentally friendly cost performance.


All products from Sm-Doll are carefully checked by the factory staff before they are sent to the customers.


SM-Doll guarantee that its products are 100% new and of high quality.


Most consumers cannot distinguish the quality of TPE material, high quality and ordinary TPE are very different. First of all, softness and tensile strength will directly affect the feeling and service life of the product. Next, safe and avirulent odors are different from the human body and environmental protection effect.

We have chosen the best-looking sex dolls from Sm Doll

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