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Hence the security label

The webshop batch for safe E-commerce is the world’s and aims to become the most recognized certification scheme for doll shops, to protect your business, your customer, and avoid online scams shops.

We are your safe partner when you want to run a online sex doll shop.

Join the webshop batch today or have a chat with one of our skilled business consultants and hear more about your benefits as a member.

_Hence the webshop batch.png - Buyer protection for up to 3000 USD when you buying a sex doll from an doll

  • certification scheme for e-commerce

  • Buyer protection up to 3000 USD - with 2 years coverage

  • Add-on: Shipping score = Validation of your actual delivery times

  • Member universe with exclusive legal guides, tips from marketing experts and much more

  • Clear display of your e-brand for SAFE SHOPPING users

  • Access to our large partner network - with additional benefits

  • Annual service check and ongoing inspection by your dedicated lawyer - Buyer protection for up to 3000 USD when you buying a sex doll from an doll

What are the benefits of being a member of the DollRush security label program

In addition to security - for both parties - in online shopping, as a webshop you get access to a wide range of benefits when you choose to become a member of the DollRush security label. Benefits that not only make life as a webshop owner easier, but will also strengthen the business in both the short and long term.

Many people who only know the DollRush security label superficially can get the impression that the only thing you get as a member is the right to use our logo - or the "sticker" as some call it. But the visible DollRush security Batch on your sex doll webshop is just a small part of the package you get access to as a member of the DollRush security label program. In fact, the "sticker" has several functions - it is not just a mark (or a picture). The webshop's security label is a clickable widget that contains information about the webshop certification, such as:

  • Does the webshop have an active certificate?

  • How long has the webshop been certified?

  • Which lawyer has certified the webshop?

The webshop's widget also has an active link to the webshop's certificate and shows information about, for example, our ongoing control of the webshop and buyer protection - things that customers attach great value to.

In order to become certified, and thus gain access to put the DollRush security label on your doll shop, you must go through a so-called certification process with one of our experts. In this process, it is reviewed whether the webshop meets a number of requirements and rules that deal with the purchase process. Once these points have been reviewed and possibly adjusted, you will be allowed to put the DollRush security label on your shop.

Of course, there is a difference in which benefits mean the most, depending on whether you run a small, medium, or large webshop.

For those of our members who run some of the world's largest doll shops, there is often a societal consideration that comes into play when they choose to be certified - our fight against scam trading also has an impact on their business. It can also be access to the knowledge that our specialized lawyers have that is important to them and often we also step in when a customer service department needs help in dealing with a more complicated customer complaint.

For smaller web shops that are in the process of building a business, becoming a member is like a shortcut to more revenue. This is because the the DollRush security label program acts as a credibility marker on the webshop, which gives visitors confidence that this webshop is a good and safe place to shop.

For those of our members who are already working with link building in their marketing strategy, it is also important that as a member of the DollRush security label program you get a strong link, which can help to influence the webshop's rankings in Google.

Approved reseller batch - fight against scam shops (1).png

Does your doll shop not yet have the security labet?

Contact our business consultants and hear more about all the benefits of the DollRush security program:

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