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Doll House 168

This doll brand is approved, and confirmed as safe to buy

There isn't much info online about Doll House 168, but the manufacture is improved by
The brand Doll House 168 come from the same manufacturer that produces the brands like Piper Doll, and Doll Forever, both well-known brands on the market. You can expect the same high quality when buying g a sex doll from Doll house 168, as well as, Piper Doll,
Doll Forever, etc..

Sex Dolls from Doll House 168 is made of high-quality TPE, and is especially popular in the US sex doll market.

The company has over the years expanded its business to all over the world, so you can now find this brand on most doll vendors' websites.  Check other resellers of Doll House 168:

We have chosen the best-looking dolls from Doll House 168

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