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DS Doll EVO Doll 145cm / C - cup / Ying Asian

DS Doll EVO Doll 145cm / C - cup / Ying Asian

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€1,881.00Sale Price
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Japanese 4.7ft (145cm) silicone doll weighing 41.8lbs (19kg). Compact, esthetic, realistic and light, this reduced size model has everything you would possibly want. Doll had S-CLASS make-up during the photo session. Please select this option for a result like in the photos.


  • Made in High Quality Platinum Silicone
  • Fully articulated poseable metal skeleton
  • Height 145cm EVO
  • Chest size 28.7” (73cm) (below bust 22.5” (57cm))
  • Waist size 20” (51cm)
  • Hip size 28.3” (72cm)
  • Weight 41.8lbs (19kg)
  • Bust gel silicone implants
  • Articulated steel skeleton
  • Small supple foam body
  • Hyper realistic sexual orifices
  • For Anal and Vaginal Sex
  • Fixed Vagina EVO Range
  • Sexy lingerie included
  • Foot size 1 (32)
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